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Babana - Beach, Better

Transform Your Beach Experience with Babana!

  • Effortless One-Person Setup
  • Unmatched Wind Resistance
  • UV Resistant. 
  • Ultra-Light & Portable
  • Expansive Comfortable Shade

Don't let bulky beach gear weigh down your day. Buy now to elevate your beach outings with Babana!

  • Free Delivery

    Free delivery and returns

  • Warranty

    3-Year warranty policy

  • Worry-Free Trial

    60-Day return policy

  • UV-Resistant

    UPF 50+ 

Large - 7*7ft (4 Person Shade) Weighs 8lb'sExtra Large 10*10ft (8 Person Shade) Weighs 10lb's

Enjoy the beach for hours

Easy Setup

Set up your shade in minutes, with no fuss, making beach days stress-free.

Wind Resistant

Enjoy unwavering stability even on the windiest days, ensuring your comfort and safety.

Spacious Shade

Offers expansive shade coverage, providing ample space for families and groups to relax under.

Ultimate Versatility

Perfect for various outdoor settings, from beaches to parks, enhancing every outdoor adventure.

Bigger Shade, Lighter Load

Discover the luxury of expansive shade without the hassle of heavy carrying. The Babana beach shade redefines outdoor comfort by combining the best of both worlds – massive coverage with effortless portability.

Light as a Feather: Forget the dread of lugging around bulky gear. The Babana is designed for ultimate portability, making it your go-to shade companion.

Use What’s There: Leverages beach sand as a key structural component, significantly reducing what you carry. Just arrive, set up, and relax.

Spacious Comfort: Offers more shade per square inch, giving you ample space to lounge, play, or dine without feeling cramped.

Easy on Your Back: Weighs less and packs smaller than traditional shades, making it a breeze to transport from your car to the beach.

Embrace the Ease

With the Babana, you're not just buying a beach shade; you're investing in the convenience of a lightweight, spacious haven. Experience the difference today – where bigger really is better, without the weight.

Easy setup


Is the Babana difficult to set up by one person?

Absolutely not! The Babana is designed for easy, one-person setup, ensuring you can start relaxing in no time.

Will the Babana stand firm in strong winds?

Yes, its innovative design leverages the weight of beach sand for stability, offering unmatched resistance even in strong winds.

Isn’t a larger shade heavier and more cumbersome to carry?

Contrary to what you might expect, the Babana is lightweight and compact, utilizing beach sand to provide a large shaded area without the heavy burden.

How does the Babana compare to traditional beach umbrellas in terms of shade coverage?

The Babana offers significantly more shade coverage than traditional beach umbrellas, providing ample space for groups and families to enjoy.

Can the Babana be used on surfaces other than sand?

Yes, while optimized for sandy beaches, the Babana can be adapted for use on various terrains, making it versatile for all your outdoor adventures.

What makes the Babana more wind-resistant than other beach shades?

Its unique design and the strategic use of natural elements like sand as counterweights ensure exceptional stability in windy conditions.

Is the Babana suitable for large families or groups?

Yes, with its spacious design, the Babana comfortably accommodates larger groups, offering extensive shade for everyone to gather under.