We pride ourselves in being unique when developing products for our customers.

ezBaby was founded on the belief that all actions should add value to the people around you or the customers you serve. That’s why all of our actions for our products—from planning to developing to manufacturing—are done with the intention of adding value to your lives.

  • Problem Solving Products

    We see so many age-old problems still exist for parents. Inconvenient and bulky products are abound. ezBaby is working on multiple products that will make parents’ lives easier while fostering a happy family.

  • Happier Babies, Happier Planet

    Creating products that encourage happiness and create special memories are key to our children’s future. Childhood goes by in the blink of an eye and it’s important to us that both parent and child enjoy every moment of it. Our children are our future and we must nurture them with love and happy memories.

  • Our Parent Pledge

    We created ezBaby because parenting can be hard. Our pledge is to join you with innovative, easy-to-use products that will encourage more fun times and fewer outings gone wrong. We will develop quality, convenient products with parents and children in mind. We’re here to help.

How Did We Get Started?

Passion Fuels Our Brand Every Day

My young son and I have an inseparable bond and a burning desire to spend more time having fun together. All I want to do is be with my son and all he wants to do is be with me.

But There Was  Problem...

Baby Carriers were not Practical…

They Were Big, Bulky, and Time-consuming to Assemble

As a career entrepreneur who has been innovating tools for various businesses, I’m a busy guy so I needed to figure out a way to spend this precious time with my son while still getting work done.

 I looked on the market and there was no carrier to facilitate our everyday needs. All the carriers that I saw were not practical for everyday use; they were big, bulky, and time-consuming to assemble.

 I needed something easy and simple that would allow me to wear the device even if I didn’t need to hold my child. That way, I’d be ready for him when he wanted to be picked up and once he was picked up, I could continue going about my business.

And so, The ezBaby Toddler Carrier Was Born...

A Quality, Slim, Safe and Efficient Baby Carrier

I am happy to say that it has added tremendous value in our day-to-day lives and we are excited to share it with the world.

ezBaby will be coming out with a plethora of innovative products that will add value to parents’ lives around the world..

  • Easy To Use
  • Simple Set Up
  • Practical
  • Allows Flexible Movement
Love it Or Your Money Back!