Be A Super Parent!

The ezbaby toddler carrier is the ultimate belt for a super dad!

If you want more engaging and bonding moments with your toddler, this product was designed for you!

Don't let life get in the way; put it on and be ready for that precious moment when they ask for up.

You can wear the carrier and still look cool; you don't have to wear a large contraption! The ezbaby is simple, clean, and effective, and because of this, it will be there for you when you need it!

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Reviews of the  ezBaby Carrier 

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I've worn some ridiculous looking baby carriers before but this one was actually fun to use! My 2 year old daughter loved it and I was amazed how much mobility I could have with BOTH my hands free.  :)

- Will Day, UT

This is an amazing baby carrier. Its simple, effective but doesn't constantly cause a drag on my back. I can finally take my kids on a hike with me. That. Is Huge! 

Preston V. UT

I love going on hikes and its awesome to be able to bring my family into the great outdoors with me.

Saul R. 

Just got my EZ Baby Carrier and I gotta say, this... is... IMPRESSIVE!

Sara C. 

Never Let Your Toddler Down When They Ask For Up!

Give them a ride on their favorite Human.

Anywhere, Anytime.

Make life more fun!

All dads want more bonding time with their toddlers and life gets in the way.

This is the only toddler carrier perfect for around the house because they are safe and entertained on your shoulders.

Not bored on your back or blocking you on your front.

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Ditch The Stroller

Be a super-parent!

Move around quickly and have both hands free. (Unlike a stroller)

Great for high-traffic areas.

Let your toddler ride their favorite human around town.

Keep them safe, close, and entertained.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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Our Claim

ezBaby Toddler Carrier is truly the only toddler carrier ever created. Really! Other carriers are designed for babies and you are told to use them on toddlers. Well, we’re here to tell you that what you’re being told is wrong. Anyone who has ever interacted with a baby and a toddler will tell you that they’re two very different beings. They need different carriers because they have different needs. The ezBaby Toddler carrier is not meant for babies; it is uniquely designed just for toddlers. The special care that was taken to design this device created a product that will benefit both the toddler and the adult using it.

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Most carriers are big and bulky. Toddlers want in and out all the time and the carrier must be vercitile and simple so you can use it in any situation from hiking, at home and out and about.

Traditional carriers are designed for babies who are much smaller than toddlers. Kids grow like weeds and before you know it, your little baby is no longer a baby. They are indeed a toddler and at a different stage in their precious lives. At this point, toddlers are too big to wear on your front, as most baby carriers are designed. This blocks your view to see where you’re walking or stepping. And how could you go about your daily tasks, like cooking or cleaning, if you can’t safely see what’s in front of you?An alternative would be to carry your toddler on your back. But think about it: would you enjoy being strapped to someone’s back and just staring straight ahead? It would only be a matter of minutes before your toddler is bored and restless if you have them strapped to your back. So, what can you do so that your toddler is safe, engaged, and loved while you still continue on with your life? Get them on your shoulders and give them a view!

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Benefits for Toddlers

Toddlers are little balls of energy that need to be nurtured with love and engagement. With all their energy, the only way a carrier could be truly for toddlers is if you could wear it all the time. That way, when you get busy with life and they come to you seeking that love and closeness, you can simply pick them up and have them secured in the carrier in seconds. What comes with that sweetness of toddlers seekingengagement is a very, VERY short attention span and need for instant satisfaction. Have you ever tried to reason with a toddler? It doesn’t go well, does it? They don’t want to hear your excuses as to why you can’t pick them up and engage with them. ezBaby Toddler carrier solves that problem for you! You can wear the carrier all the time and be ready for your toddler whenever they want to be picked up. There’s nothing better than seeing the smile on your kid’s face when they know they are loved. It’s a win-win situation: your toddler is happy and feels loved and you get to keep doing what you need to do. At the end of the day, everyone is happy.

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Benefits for You

In addition to other carriers not taking into consideration the differences between babies and toddlers, they’re also quite cumbersome. The ezBaby Toddler Carrier is sturdy yet lightweight so you can wear it all the time. If you’re out and about in public with the carrier on, it’s discreet so you won’t be getting weird looks from others.

You can move around quickly without a stroller in high traffic areas and keep them happy with a birds-eye view.

Avoid tantrums by letting them ride their favorite human.

The ezBaby Toddler Carrier is also designed that you naturally want to keep your core engaged. Imagine keeping your core engaged for several hours every day. Now imagine the results that could have over the course of a few months.

Hello six-pack abs!* This carrier can: What more could you want in a carrier? Get one today!

*Six-pack abs are not guaranteed. But it’s worth a try ,right?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my toddler fall backwards?

Not if you're using the harness that is included with the product. The harness restricts your child's ability to fall backward. Read More Safety FAQ's

What should I do if my toddler doesn't like using the device?

There are several methods to use to help your child adapt to the device.

Your child should first enjoy it on your shoulders before you try and secure them with the device. Be sure to practice using it at home before using it in public. There are ‘prime times’ for toddlers, usually when they’re fed and well-rested. Try using the device when the child is happy and associate the use of the device with bonding time and fun. Also make sure that you’re using the device properly so that the child is comfortable.

Is it One Size Fits All?

Almost! The regular size is one size that fits most, from a small woman to a large man!

Can I use this carrier with a baby?

No! The ezBaby Toddler Carrier is for toddlers who have upper body strength. It aids you as you carry your toddler on your shoulders by freeing your hands for tasks other than holding your child’s ankles. Read More Safety FAQ's