Our Mission

To Innovate Revolutionary New Products for Parents that Add Value to Families.

We pride ourselves in being unique when developing products for our customers.

ezBaby was founded on the belief that all actions should add value to the people around you or the customers you serve. That’s why all of our actions for our products—from planning to developing to manufacturing—are done with the intention of adding value to your lives.

Sponge Blocks

This invention was inspired to solve the following problems for parents:

1. Lack of toy storage space.

2. Kids don't like packing toys up.

3. Hurting your foot on toys lying around.

4. Unproductive playing.

5. A short lifespan.

The sponge blocks nurture creativity and inspire planning. Because of this, objective-based playing keeps the kids entertained for hours on end.

The massive win is that kids love packing this toy away; this product should get a Nobel prize. Really hits all the fundamental points of adding value to families.

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The Super-Dad Belt

A product Born out of love! 

As a very active dad that longed to never let my son down when he asked for up! 

A simple, super dad belt that gives you 2 extra hands to keep your toddler on your shoulders.

This product is unique because of its simplicity. At the same time, you find large contraptions for shoulder carrying that could be more practical around the house or out on a promenade. This invention made so many happy times with my son and I When he was between 1-2 years old. 

If you are a super-dad, this will add immense value to you!

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