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ezBaby Empower proprietary blocks are certified safe, non-toxic, and has no smell. It also allows air to pass through the blocks.

The basic shapes and friction material allow for engineering ingenuity that will challenge the participants as they try to build high towers.

These blocks are suitable for children ages 3-10 and come in a variety of shapes (squares, rectangles, and triangles) and colors (red, green, blue, pink, purple, and yellow).

A vacuum bag, hand vacuum pump, and storage box are included with all sizes.


Tested & Certified

Certified Safe

Non-toxic, VOC-free 


Certified Safe



At ezBaby, safety is our top priority. Our proprietary blocks are made from a special sponge material that is safer than other building block toys because they are not solid and air passes quickly through them. This helps reduce the risk of choking. Additionally, our blocks are flavorless and have a rough texture that makes them nearly impossible to swallow and unappealing to chew on. This makes them a safe choice for children to play with

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