Keep These instructions for future use.

Read all instructions carefully before assembling and using your carrier.
Failure to follow each instruction could result in serious injury or death to you
or your toddler.


The ezBaby Toddler Carrier is designed to enable you to carry your toddler hands-free. Try using the device at home first and inspect the entire device before use to ensure there are no damaged parts or straps. Your toddler must be able to sit up on their own and exercise coordinated balance with adequate upper body strength to use this carrier. Only attempt actions while carrying your toddler with ezBaby that you would be comfortable doing if you were carrying your child without the device.

It is important to take special care when leaning or walking. Your balance may be adversely affected while using the carrier. Remember that your child's sudden or erratic motions may also compromise your balance while using the carrier.

This ezBaby product does not provide protection to your toddler from serious injury, concussion, or death due to impacts from falls or hitting low overhead obstacles. It does not enhance adult balance or coordination. As you carry your toddler you must take full responsibility to avoid accidents or slipping and falling. Also note that the ezBaby Toddler Carrier does not enhance adult coordination, balance, or strength.

Instructional Video

WARNING! The following is a list of special instructions to adhere to while using this product:

The ezBaby Carrier is intended for use by adults while walking or standing only. Do NOT run or jump while carrying your toddler with this carrier.

Do NOT use if damage or deterioration is detected.

Do NOT use this ezBaby product to carry toddlers exceeding 60 pounds in weight. Do not carry excessive additional weight or bulk in bags, packs, or other accessories while carrying your toddler with the ezBaby carrier.

NEVER use this ezBaby product to carry infants or babies under the age of 1 year.

NEVER bend at the waist; bend at the knees.

NEVER use the carrier when balance or mobility are impaired by dizziness, medications, inebriation, or other conditions.

NEVER use while engaging in activities that expose you to fire, chemicals, or other proximate environmental hazards.

DO NOT use this carrier as a child restraint in a motor vehicle. This type of carrier will not properly restrain your child in the event of a crash.

NEVER lean against the toddler.

NEVER place more than one child in this carrier.

NEVER wear more than one carrier at a time.

DO NOT use in showers, pools, or other water environments.

Important Reminders

ALWAYS use caution and avoid low clearances.

Make sure that all fasteners are latched and that all fasteners, webbing, and webbing tails are secure before each use.

ALWAYS keep one hand on the toddler when fastening the carrier.

ALWAYS check to ensure that all buckles, snaps, straps, and adjustments are secure before each use.