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ezBaby Toddler Carrier

ezBaby Toddler Carrier

The ezBaby Toddler Carrier is the only true toddler carrier ever made for toddlers. Perfect for the ages of 1.5 - 3. Our amazing quality and safety harness helps guarantee your little one will stay safe and sound for every hike, park trip, and adventure you bring them on.

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Size Guide

Regulr is our most popular size as it fits most - Regular32” waist to 40”. 

30 Day Hassle Free Returns

Every product comes with our parental guarantee with free returns after the first 30 days of delivery.

Be a super parent! Don't let your toddler down when they ask for up. You should be able to keep them happy all the time. 

Let them ride their favorite human, anywhere, anytime. Make life fun.

The ease of use of this carrier opens up so many new opportunities for happy times together.

Try it out with a 30 day money back guarantee!



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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Never let your toddler down, when they ask for up!

Anywhere, Anytime.

Always be ready.

Make life more fun with the ezBaby toddler carrier.

The carrier is great for around the house, your child is up high and safe and not in the way.

Ditch the stroller

Be a super-parent!

Move around quickly and have both your hands-free.

Great for high-traffic areas.

Let your toddler ride their favorite human around town.

Keep them safe, close, and entertained.

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FAQ's for ORder and Care

Questions about the ezBaby Carrier?

Can my child fall backwards?

No! the safety harness stops that from happening. The product has passed all subscribed safety tests as per CPSC. See additional Safety FAQ's

Where do we ship?

This device can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States, Australia & Europe

Can I wash the carrier in my clothes washer at home?

No. You need to wash it by hand with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Washing it in the clothes washer will most likely damage the product.

Is it one size fits all?

Almost! It's one size fits most!